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Semi - finishing and finishing of precision cylindrical grinder

2018/8/7      view:

The lubrication part of precision external grinding machine adopts automatic lubrication, so it can save a certain amount of lubricating work. The CNC internal grinding machine is equipped with a sealed cover, so it can play a good protective role. The CNC internal grinding machine should adjust the position of the travel block according to the grinding length of the workpiece. After adjustment, the workpiece should be tightened. The CNC internal grinding machine should be checked before using the grinding wheel. If the grinding wheel is cracked, it cannot be used. After installing the grinding wheel, the static balance test should be carried out, and then the rotation should be idle for 3 to 5 minutes.

Introduction to the structure of precision external grinding machine. Surface grinding method is often adopted for semi-finishing and finishing of various surfaces with high quality requirements. The machine tool commonly used in planar grinding is planar grinding machine. The working surface of grinding wheel can be circular surface or end surface. Main types and movements. Reliable performance, easy processing. Precision surface grinding machine with multiple motor drive. Three motors are used to drive the grinding wheel. The rotary motion of the grinding wheel is directly driven by the loading motor. The hydraulic pump is driven by the motor of the hydraulic pump. Through the hydraulic transmission device, the reciprocating (longitudinal feed) movement of the workbench is completed, the lateral feed motion of the grinding wheel frame, the rapid lateral movement of the grinding wheel frame and the lubrication of the guide rail of the workbench are completed. The motor that drives the cooling pump provides cooling fluid for grinding.

If the vibration of the precision external grinding machine has not been eliminated after the above action, we shall check the grinding machine sand breakdown and the fixed flange of the grinding wheel. First is the grinding wheel, because the quality of the grinding wheel on the market is uneven, there are generally two factors that affect the vibration of the grinding wheel. The second is that the inner hole is not standard. For example, the flange diameter of our grinding machine is 31.75, and if the grinding wheel is 32, it will jump up and down, causing vibration. When we buy the grinding wheel, we must ask for the specifications, and suggest to buy the high-quality grinding wheel. The poor grinding wheel will affect the processing effect, and it is easy to crack and explode in the process of grinding.