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Precision problem of nc external grinding machine

2018/8/7      view:

CNC cylindrical grinder grinding wheel spindle motor and balance of grinding wheel, grinding wheel spindle motor vibration impact on the grinding surface roughness is bigger, so need to dynamic balancing of grinding wheel spindle motor. The balance of grinding wheel is twice. First of all, after dressing grinding wheel with king kong pen to a rough balance. Then with oil stone or fine after finishing with grinding wheel to fine grinding wheel repair again after a fine balance.

CNC cylindrical grinder to eliminate error method basically has 3 kinds, automatic control. Let the process system of an automatic processing system, measurement, such as adjusting work can be done automatically in the process of processing technology, try to cut. Cut through the test can be found some regularity, eliminate the error. The size of the cutting tool method, using a certain shape and size of the shape and size of tool to meet the processing requirements.

Improve the precision of nc external grinding machine, reduce the original error. Find out the cause of error. To eliminate and reduce its. Original error compensation. Artificially made some error, to offset the original error. Transfer the original error. The geometric errors of process system, the thermal deformation of transfer. Divide the original error. The error of average into several portions, adjust each processing. On-site processing method. This method can quickly solve the problem of precision, also can protect the precision of the workpiece. CNC cylindrical grinder sliding saddle guide outside of detection and repair. Sliding saddle vee way after overhaul should meet the following precision requirements, the sliding saddle flat guide should meet the following precision requirements, after repair of vee way not parallel degree 0.0 or less 2 mm/m; Contact point requires 10 ~ 12 /25mm * 25mm.