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The utility model belongs to CNC external grinding machine

2018/8/7      view:

CNC cylindrical grinder lips tool dresser, utility model belongs to the CNC cylindrical grinder, CNC internal grinder technology, concrete is a kind of CNC cylindrical grinder lips dresser tool, including oil cylinder, connected sets, linear guide, scale, the emerald city, whose character is: described the connection set T, T glyph front-end bulge with the screw hole and insert the front end of the straight line guide rail, the back-end for a sleeve with threaded cylinder, cylinder at the bottom of the import and export through a pipeline connecting the regulator respectively; The upper surface of the linear guide rail is provided with a waist groove, and the upper part of the channel body is fixed with a locking bolt to connect the linear guide rail to the bed body of the nc external grinding machine, and a signal switch is arranged on the right end face of the linear guide rail. The rear end of the linear guide rail is provided with a screw hole connected with a golden steel stone seat.

The head frame is driven by ac frequency conversion motor to adjust stepless speed to the grinding of different workpieces. The machine tool has automatic cutting of grinding wheel, automatic gear shifting of workbench, automatic measurement of workpiece size, automatic dressing of grinding wheel and automatic compensation after finishing. Automatic clamping device and automatic measuring instrument can be configured according to user's requirement. Therefore, the grinding of workpiece can be finished except manual loading and unloading workpiece.

The performance structure of the CNC external grinding machine, the mechanical and electrical integration structure layout, the use of working area protection or overall protection, the maintenance is convenient to meet the requirements of man-machine engineering. The linear speed of grinding wheel can reach 60m/s. The linear speed of CBN grinding wheel can reach 80m/s. The two shafts are fed in tandem, and the worktable and grinding wheel frame are driven by ac servo-ball screw pairs. Various kinds of diamond dressing devices can be selected to realize precise nc dressing and automatic compensation.