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What factors will affect the precision of nc external grinding machine

2018/8/7      view:

In recent years, due to the great development of national defense, aviation, high-speed railway, automobile, mold, machinery processing and other industries, the domestically produced CNC external grinding machine has not been able to meet the needs of domestic machinery processing enterprises, leading to the import of foreign CNC external grinding machine by domestic enterprises. The development direction of domestic nc external grinding machine is high speed, compound, fine and domestic nc external grinding machine. Nc machine tool CNC external grinding machine in the background of the operation and production. High precision CNC external grinding machine is precision machining equipment, the main purpose is to replace the imported CNC external grinding machine, to make up the domestic market gap.

The balance between the spindle motor and the grinding wheel of the CNC external grinding machine grinding wheel spindle motor, the vibration of the grinding wheel spindle motor has a great influence on the roughness of the grinding surface, so it is necessary to balance the movement of the spindle motor of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel needs to be balanced twice. First, a rough balance is made after trimming the grinding wheel with a king kong pen. The grinding wheel is then finely repaired with an oil stone or a grinding wheel after finishing.

There are three main methods to eliminate error of nc external grinding machine, automatic control method. Let the process flow system form an automatic process cycle system, so that measurement, adjustment and other work can be completed automatically in the process of processing, test cutting method. Some rules can be found by trial cutting to eliminate the error. The fixed size tool method USES a tool with a certain shape and size to meet the shape and size of processing requirements.

Factors influencing the precision of nc external grinding machine:

1. The influence of the height of grinding head, head frame and tail seat on the dimension precision of workpiece. The height error of grinding head, head frame and tail seat will make the center connection of head frame and tail seat offset with the axis of grinding wheel spindle in space. At this time, the surface of the workpiece will be a hyperboloid.

2. Influence of center connection of head frame and tail seat on the parallelism error of spindle axis of grinding head in horizontal plane on the dimension precision of workpiece. Influence of verticality error of grinding head relative to machine tool guide rail on machining precision.

The result of this error is that the axis of the spindle is offset from the connection between the head frame and the center of the tail seat. When grinding the shoulder end face of the shaft, the vertical error between the end face of the shaft shoulder and the axis of the workpiece will be caused. When grinding the outer circle, the surface roughness will be affected, and the spiral grinding grain will be generated. When this error occurs, the workpiece shape of the nc external grinding machine will be a cone, i.e. the grinding wheel is grinded at an Angle, and the surface has spiral grinding grain.