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CNC external grinding machine

2018/8/7      view:

Nc external grinding machine is a preprogrammed machine according to the processing requirements, which is processed by numerical information instruction from the control system. It is mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical surface grinding machines.

CNC external grinding machine has the characteristics of universalization, high modularization, high precision, high rigidity, high efficiency and high adaptability.

According to the different types of CNC external grinding machine, it is suitable for batch processing of automobile, motorcycle, air compressor, bearing, military industry, aviation, aerospace and other related parts.

CNC external grinding machine is composed of bed body, worktable, grinding wheel frame, head frame and tail frame.

1. Bed and workbench

CNC external grinding machine

The bed is made of large round hole and shark-fin shaped steel plate. After long-term use, the machine has good dynamic rigidity and static rigidity.

The upper and lower surfaces of the working table can be grinding the conical surfaces. The guide rail of bed body and workbench is made of plastic guide rail with low friction coefficient. The working table is driven by servo motor directly by ball screw movement, the movement is stable and reliable.

2. Grinding wheel frame

The linear speed of grinding wheel is less than 35m/s, and the grinding efficiency is high. The movement (X direction) of the grinding wheel frame is directly dragged by the servo motor and ball screw with a resolution of 0.0005mm.

3, head

The rotation of the head frame dial is driven by the motor frequency conversion speed to drive the belt pulley, and the dial speed is 40-500r/min. The rotary speed of the dial is 40-500r/min.

4. CNC box and cabinet

There are independent CNC operation box, LCD display, machine tool operation button, 1um band compensation switch, hand pulse generator, etc.

5. End face meter and radial meter

When there is a radial meter in the nc external grinding machine, the measured value is automatically input into the numerical control system, and the numerical control system sends a message, making the x-direction servo motor rotate, driving the ball screw to the given position, making the size of the grinding workpiece reach the required position stably, and the size dispersion of the batch grinding workpiece is less than 0.003mm.

Performance of the structure

Electromechanical integration structure layout, using the work area protection or overall protection, maintenance convenient to meet the requirements of man-machine engineering.

The grinding wheel spindle system has high rotary precision and strong rigidity. The linear speed of grinding wheel can reach 60m/s. The linear speed of CBN grinding wheel can reach 80m/s.

Two axis linkage feed, table, grinding wheel frame for ac servo - ball screw drive.

Various kinds of diamond dressing devices can be selected to realize nc dressing and automatic compensation.

Equipped with active measuring device to realize the full closed-loop control of grinding process.

The CNC system has many control functions, such as program transformation of grinding process, workpiece quality management, machine tool condition monitoring, fault self-diagnosis, abnormal alarm and so on.